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Northern Turf Solutions has proudly served Simcoe County and Muskoka areas since 2020. We install residential, commercial, and municipal synthetic grass projects such as lawns, putting greens, playgrounds, dog runs and sports fields. Our commitment is to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional, and sustainable environment.


What is the life expectancy of Pro Green Synthetic Turf?rass™?

All our Pro Green products come with a 15 years Manufacturer’s Warranty (select products limited to 8 years) + a Five-Year Workmanship Warranty and our artificial grass is expected to last upwards of 30-40 years

Is the sun harmful to Pro Green Synthetic Grass™, will it fade?

Our products are expected to not fade even in the sunniest of climates. We don’t use topical UV treatments like our competitors, PG fibers have built-in UV Inhibitors that are mixed into the resin. Without this built-in UV protection, often the competitors fibers will break down prematurely. All PG turf is made from the highest- quality materials from our plants in the USA. We have projects that we installed in the late 1980s that have no discernible signs of fading.

How does Pro Green Synthetic Grass™ affect the environment?

PG Synthetic Grass™ is environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for precious water resources. Our artificial grass eliminates any need for harmful chemicals that leach into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed kill, etc.) Additionally, PG Synthetic Grass™ is fully recyclable.

I have heard that lead has been found in artificial grass, is there lead in PG Grass™?

There is no detectable amount of lead or any other heavy metals in PG Synthetic Grass™ products. PG has the most stringent testing in the industry.

What about drainage?

Drainage is very like natural grass. PG Synthetic Grass™ drains 400% quicker allowing water to drain through the 2-3” bed of crushed rock base and into the soil below the artificial turf.

What type of maintenance should I expect with PG Synthetic Grass™?

An occasional brooming to stand the grass fibers up is recommended but not necessary. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower.

Is synthetic grass warmer than my natural lawn?

Yes, all synthetic grass is hotter than natural grass. There’s always a trade-off for the benefits of synthetic grass such as no mowing, no watering, no weeding, no chemical applications, easier dog clean up, no mud, etc. The only real trade-off is that the surface of synthetic grass will be hotter than natural grass. But, we have never had a complaint that it was so hot that it burned a person or pet.

The darker green colored fiber absorbs more sun than our lighter shades of green. Scorching temperatures over 33 Celsius you might want to wear footwear but more often normal temps. 25-30 degrees Celsius going barefoot is completely doable. Also, you can spray the artificial grass with water right before you walk or play on your synthetic grass on a really sweltering day. But, even if these precautions are not exercised, hot weather has not kept people or pets off synthetic grass.

PG artificial grass has thousands of installations worldwide, including the Arizona desert. Complaints about surface temperature are extremely rare, but we understand people have different sensitivity levels. We just want our customers to be aware that there is a slight sacrifice to overcome the increased surface temperature, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your lawn for years to come…even on hot days!

What about pets? What happens to dog urine and waste?

Dogs love our grass, better than real grass! In fact, if you only did ½ the lawn with artificial grass dogs would never go on the half of real grass. Unlike our competitors products, urine is not a problem as it flushes through 400% quicker of our fully permeable backing! When the synthetic grass is sprayed down with a hose, or when it rains, the water simply drains into the crushed rock base below. Solid waste is cleaned in the same manner as natural grass, only it’s less messy. PG Synthetic Grass™ will not stain.

“Northern Turf Solutions did an amazing job on our lakeside putting green. Their attention to detail and professionalism were outstanding. We couldn't be happier with the results!”

J. Morris, Muskoka

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Northern Turf Solutions is the premier artificial turf company based for Simcoe County & Muskoka. We are dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional, and sustainable environments.. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and personalized service to each of our clients. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unmatched, making us the local go-to choice for all your artificial turf needs.

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